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Centennial Lecture Series

Featuring members of the department, nationally acclaimed scientists, distinguished alumni, and some special stakeholder partners.  These presentations will occur nearly every Thursday afternoon during the academic year beginning August 23rd through May 2nd.  Lectures in the fall will primarily be given in room 116 of Whistler Hall.  Those indicated with an asterisk (*) will be held in the Deans Auditorium in Pfendler Hall.  Refreshments begin at 3:15 pm; lecture is at 3:45 pm.




       DATE              SPEAKER                                      INSTITUTION                          TITLE

23 Rich Shukle Purdue University Hessian fly and wheat: past and future
30 Steve Yaninek Purdue University 100 years of entomology at Purdue
  6 Cliff Sadof Purdue University Bagworms to borers: making pest management decisions in urban landscapes
13 Jeff Stuart Purdue University Genetics of plant/insect interactions
20 Dave Denlinger Ohio State University Antarctica and its insect
27 Jen White University of Kentucky Ecological and evolutionary consequences of bacterial symbiosis in arthropods
  4 * Fred Gould North Carolina State University Can genetic pest management protect human health and biodiversity?
12 * Rob Wiedenmann University of Arkansas Osmun Alumni Professional Achievement Award presentation:
The phylogeny and ontogeny of ideas: connectedness, serendipity and error
25 Larry Murdock Purdue University PICS — Purdue Improved Crop Storage — past, present, future
  1 John Barrett w/Tom Turpin USDA Ag Eng (retired) Purdue research behind light traps and bug-zappers
  6 Joe Ruhl Jefferson High School, Lafayette, IN Biology Education:  What works (in
other words – what grabs and “bugs” kids!)
13 Arwin Provonsha Purdue University Forty years of remembrance, folks and events in Purdue entomology
10 Milan Busching (MS ’75) Cincinnati Zoo (retired) The use of live insects in educational displays -   or - This place is a zoo! 
17 * Claudia Riegel New Orleans Mosquito and Termite Control Board Vector pest management
24 Grzegorz Buczkowzski Purdue University Native “invasive” ants: a novel evolutionary trend in the age of global change?
31 Mike Scharf Purdue University My experiences with Purdue entomology
in the pre- and post-genomic eras
  7 Rick Foster Purdue University International entomology: changing the world, one bug at a time
14 * Tom Myers (BS ’73) All-Rite Pest Control, Lexington, KY The entomological wildlife photographer, gearing up and getting down
21 Christie Williams Purdue University Resisting attack by a cereal killer
28 Richard Schoenbohm (MS ’76) Schoenbohm Law, S.C. The Great Divide: the rift between scientists and legislators
  7 Greg Hunt Purdue University Genetic and epigenetic studies of honey bee behavior
21 * May Berenbaum Univ. of Illinois-Urbana My life on the bee-list
28 * Wayne Townsend Purdue Board of Trustees member (Retired) The GI Bill – Perhaps Purdue’s greatest era
  4 James Hagler USDA-Maricopa, AZ Leaving a mark: protein tags to study insect dispersal and feeding activity
11 * Austin Frishman (PhD ’68) AMF Pest Mgmt., Boca Raton, FL The development, evolution and emergence of urban entomology in the US: the past present and future including challenges for entomology departments, their faculty and students
25 Peter E. Dunn  Purdue University Insect immunity: yesterday, today and tomorrow
  2 Michelle Smith  Dow Agrosciences Development of baiting as a method of subterranean termite control – a retrospective