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Historic Week in Entomology

Ken Pruess Look A Like Contest

We had an historic week last week with the Fall Centennial Celebration and the passing of John Osmun (see obituaries).  I would like to think that John held on so that alumni coming to town could stop by for one last visit.

Our Centennial events were very well attended and equally well received.  The compliments continue to come in from every direction.  I want to thank the students, staff and faculty who came out in force throughout the week to help make these events special.  The alumni noticed and didn’t hesitate to say so.  I also noticed and thank you for your support.

Events like this take a tremendous amount of planning, coordination, logistics and support to make it work.  None of this could have happened without the dedication and hard work of many individuals.  It started with our Centennial Steering Committee chaired by Gene White and included Kevin Steffey, Mike Culy, Eldon Ortman and several Entomology staff.

It was the administrative staff led by Beth York and Paula Layden who kept track of all the moving parts and put up with me on a daily basis.  Many students and staff helped with the logistics, particularly Melissa Shepson, Bill Kielhorn, John Obermeyer, and Chris Cookley.  Tom Turpin developed the program and served as MC at the Gala Banquet in addition to helping throughout.

Generous support from alumni and friends significantly defrayed the costs of these events.  Dave Mueller provided coasters with a custom centennial inscription for participants at the Gala.  He also provided support for a Centennial plaque that will grace the entrance of our Centennial Meeting room, and made the biggest single gift for the room renovations.  Alumni Thomas Barlow, Marlin K. Bergman, Ron Bitner, Jeffrey Bloomquist, Bill Butt, Robert Crozier, Michael Culy, Al Fournier, Ken Kendall, Ralph Killough, Lyle Matteson, Jr., Allan Samuelson, Darryl Sanders, Edward Saugstad, Richard Shade, Tom Myers, and Aaron Williams all made donations.  We had corporate sponsorship from B&G Equipment, a company started in 1949 by William Brehm and George Gilmore as Entomology undergraduates at Purdue.  All the costs associated with the Special Collections exhibit and reception were covered by the Library.

~ Steve Yaninek, October 15, 2012