Kathy Heinsohn (PhD ’98) Remembers “Oz”

October 24, 2012

How very fitting that Dr. John Osmun, "Oz" to most of us, chose to pass this past weekend, the start of the 100th (Centennial) Celebration weekend for the Department of Entomology at Purdue that he so loved, and led and helped to...

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David Fincannon’s Tribute to John V. Osmun

October 16, 2012

David Fincannon, President, A-All Pest Control in Dallas, Texas, re-released his video on YouTube about the first Entomology degree in memory of John Osmun.  In David's words: "I will miss him so much." Video Link: First Entomology Degree

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Historic Week in Entomology

October 15, 2012

Ken Pruess Look A Like Contest We had an historic week last week with the Fall Centennial Celebration and the passing of John Osmun (see obituaries).  I would like to think that John held on so that alumni coming to town could stop by...

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It’s Here! It’s Here!

October 3, 2012

The Purdue Entomology Department Centennial is here!  Our celebration has been well underway with the Centennial Lecure Series, featuring special invited speakers from around the country.  Even more events are planned for Homecoming weekend, October 12 and 13.   Many of our alumni have made...

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J.J.’s Past Surfaces with Research

September 14, 2012

With all the department Centennial activities being planned and researched and organized, some of the department members have been digging up whatever thay can about John J. Davis' earlier years.  After all, he was head of the department for a long time and it would be interesting to know more about his life before...

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